Disability Awareness
Speaker Series

Presented by Lift Disability Network
2019 Dates: September 5th, October 3rd, November 7th
6:30 – 9:00 PM
at The Summit Church
927 E. Terra Ln, O’Fallon MO 63366

This fall, Lift Disability Network in Missouri has partnered with several local organizations that are great resources for the disability community. Each night of the speaker series, Lift has invited 3 speakers to share information about their organization and how it can benefit you and your family.

All family members are welcome to attend these events – we will have a Quiet Room available as well as volunteers to supervise younger children and those who are unable to sit through the presentation.


Dr. Awwad, Nature’s Clinic – I am a doctor, health practitioner, and dietitian, and my mission is to ultimately make people feel better. I am a doctor in natural and Oriental medicine as well as a dietitian. I view and treat the body as a whole rather than a disease, because a health problem or illness does not only affect one area of the body, but rather the entire body gradually. My mission is to combine what tools and benefits nature has provided, my personal education and expertise, along with the years of experience healers from around the globe have gained into one complete therapeutic and restorative process.

Naturopathy is a constructive method of treating the cause of the ailment rather than the effect, while also having curative benefits without using drugs. Nature’s Clinic can help you find out what is really going on and give you answers. We test for underlying causes and not symptoms so that your issues are handled once and for all!

The Wellness Connection – Our Physical and Functional Medicine services take a holistic approach to a patient’s health and well-being. The Wellness Connection is the premier natural health care center in the Midwest, serving and empowering individuals and families towards a healthy life through the principles of healthy living. Here at The Wellness Connection, our approach is common sense. We look at you as a whole person in your entirety, instead of as a collection of independent organs and systems.

Amy Posadas, Meraki Crossfit – I have been a physical therapist of over 13 years, and have been training and teaching fitness, in some form or fashion, for over 16 years. I’ve come to realize that fitness is an integral cornerstone to allow us to live the life that we deserve.  It has the power to make many other facets of our lives harmonious in nature.  It also makes us safer to perform our responsibilities more effectively.  Not only does working-out build confidence in self image, but it empowers mental strength to overcome obstacles in other areas of your lives AND to get affairs in order too.  Exercise is the healthiest coping mechanism to overcome stress, to decrease injury risk, and to allow our body to fight inflammation, which when not contained triggers disease.

My family IS my why and driving force for what I do daily and my entire family can participate together.  It makes staying fit and active, eating a clean diet, and supporting a full-blown community, so much easier to do!  We are all on this AMAZING journey together and it WILL land us a better life.


Disabled Athlete Sports Association (DASA)-

Carol Callahan, Recreation Council of Greater St. Louis – The Recreation Council is the go-to agency for people with disabilities who want to access recreation and leisure in St. Louis and St. Charles County.  We serve our community in 4 ways: As a clearinghouse of information on leisure and recreation opportunities for individuals with disabilities; as a funding source to assist with the fees for community recreation programs and overnight camps; raising Awareness and Advocacy through education and community presentations; and as a partner with community recreation providers and specialized agencies to support quality recreation programs.

Carol Callahan has been with the Recreation Council of Greater St. Louis 14 years, and has worked in the field of recreation for people with disabilities for over 30 years. She holds degrees in Therapeutic Recreation and Secondary Education. She has served people of all ages with mental health, cognitive, and physical disabilities.

TREE House of Greater St. Louis (Equine Therapy) –


Emmaus Homes –

Community Living, Inc. – Community Living provides programs and services for children and adults with developmental disabilities so that they can reach their full potential. Programs include recreation, residential, employment, day centers, respite and family supports.

Right at Home –

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Never would have had this [experience] without the generosity of Lift.

[I] appreciate people pushing me to do things I may not have tried.

[Breakaway] was like medicine for me. It helped me to unwind and be myself and get to know others.