Isolation is one of the major giants that face individuals and families living with disability. Lift Disability Network is committed to confronting the isolating moments that characterize our community. Disability can be lonely; however, together we can conquer those moments. Connecting with others is essential to being successful in the journey of life. And, no one wants to walk alone. Join with us in breaking down walls of isolation.

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You all are so nice, thoughtful, and cool! i love what you do for those of us with disabilities. Your love really shines through. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Seth HeatheringtonBreakaway Camper

You have made my life better by acting as a much needed pressure valve. I'm spiritually and mentally refreshed!

Sheryl KingBreakaway participant

Elevate is such a great program. My brother loves the routine of the day - social hour, bible stories, exercise, crafting and the list goes on. It allows him the social setting to build friendships in a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere. He is looking forward to the start of fall term. Thank you for the tremendous effort spent to provide such a 'space' for individuals with life challenges

CarolSister of Participant
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