2023 Annual Report & 25 Years

A Message from Executive Director – Jim Hukill

Dear Lift Family,

Twenty-five years ago, a small dream ignited, birthing an organization that would touch lives, move mountains, and weave hope in the fabric of countless families.

This is the story of Lift Disability Network.

“For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.” – Matthew 17:20

These are the words that Jesus spoke to his disciples, and it resonated deeply with us, Jim & Rhonette Hukill, the founders of Lift. In 1998, armed with hopeful hearts and fervent prayers, we embarked on a mission of faith. The Dream was huge: to create an environment of support, compassion, and transformation for families living with disabilities.

But this vision required more than human effort; it demanded unwavering trust in a BIG God. As the years passed, Lift became a conduit of hope. Mountain after mountain yielded to the touch of God’s powerful grace.

Behind every statistic lies a name, a face, and a heart. Donors and volunteers—silent heroes—stood shoulder to shoulder with Lift. Their generosity, time, and unwavering commitment breathed life into the organization. To you, the reader, know that your involvement mattered. You are the reason hope found its way into homes, laughter echoed through every event, and resilience blossomed.

Jim Hukill
Founder & Executive Director


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The Story of My Tribe

My Tribe is one of our most impactful initiatives. A weekly bible study every Monday from 7-8 pm, quietly operates behind the scenes, often overshadowed by larger events. Born out of the challenges posed by Covid, this virtual gathering spans six states, fostering support, friendship, and a genuine sense of community. Unlike traditional events, My Tribe connects us authentically, bringing individuals into each other’s homes. Over the years, it has deepened our connections, allowing us to truly understand and support each other through life’s challenges.

Breakaway – Looking Back

From its modest beginnings in 2011 with just 57 attendees to now hosting over 200 each year, Breakaway has been a gathering filled with unforgettable family moments.

Every year brings its own highlights, but the overarching theme remains: how can we extend the magic of one week throughout the entire year? Countless individuals have surpassed their own expectations, discovering newfound abilities. Families have found solace and connection amidst the shared experiences of daily life challenges. One thing is certain—every day at Breakaway feels like a slice of heaven.

From lively luaus to refreshing dips in the pool, from messy outdoor games to exhilarating rides on the lake, Breakaway is a whirlwind of cherished memories. Whether it’s heartfelt conversations in the craft room, conquering fears by climbing a tree or riding a horse, or finding inspiration in chapel teachings, every moment leaves a lasting impact. In 14 years, one undeniable truth remains: Breakaway has transformed lives forever.

25th Anniversary Report (1)
Ed Ebmeyer

If there was ever a guy who brought the party with him wherever he went, it was Ed. Despite his disability, he lived life to the fullest and found joy in every day. Ed joined us at Breakaway in our very first year and enthusiastically participated in every game, event, or challenge we offered. Alongside his mom, Barb, they attended every year until his passing. Among the highlights of camp for Ed was always the talent show, where he never failed to steal the spotlight with his incredible performances.

In tribute to Ed, and in recognition of his love for the talent show, it has been renamed “The Eddies” in his honor. During his memorial service, we were deeply moved by the albums filled with cherished memories that he kept of his time with us. Ed’s absence is keenly felt, but his spirit continues to inspire us. We miss you dearly, Mr. Ed.

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I love Lift because I’m a part of a family that is full of faith, love, support, empowerment, loyalty, strength, encouragement, fun, and joy! I give to Lift because that’s what family does. We help one another with the gifts that we are given, and we are there for each other. I LOVE our Lift family!

– Dayle Hoffecker

We give to Lift because we love the amazing people that make up this program. We met Jim and Rhonette 10 yrs ago and seeing their heart for this community and the joy they had, made us want to jump in.

– Scott & Heather Seward

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Thank you for an amazing year! It is a privilege to serve on behalf of your generosity!
The Lift Team
Jim and Rhonni Hukill, Ryan and Stacie Rouse, Andrew Vacca and Elizabeth Parker

You all are so nice, thoughtful, and cool! i love what you do for those of us with disabilities. Your love really shines through. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Seth HeatheringtonBreakaway Camper

You have made my life better by acting as a much needed pressure valve. I'm spiritually and mentally refreshed!

Sheryl KingBreakaway participant

Elevate is such a great program. My brother loves the routine of the day - social hour, bible stories, exercise, crafting and the list goes on. It allows him the social setting to build friendships in a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere. He is looking forward to the start of fall term. Thank you for the tremendous effort spent to provide such a 'space' for individuals with life challenges

CarolSister of Participant


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