Jim Hukill

Jim Hukill

Founder/Executive Director

E-mail: jim@liftdisability.net

Date Of Birth: April 15

At the age of twenty months Jim’s family was informed that he had a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy and that they should expect a life of limitations. However, today many of those restrictions are now far behind him. For several decades he has rolled his wheelchair past one barrier after another, and the result is a schooled life in overcoming limits.

Jim holds a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministries and has provided inspiration, mentorship, and leadership to church communities, corporate entities, and civic organizations since 1993. During that same period, he has represented organizations working with disabilities in both volunteer and salaried positions serving as a spokesperson, along with, participating in development ventures. He has served on a national board of organizations providing one voice from the Christian community among people with disabilities. Jim has served on a board overseeing another non-profit camping program for people with disabilities, Camp Daniel.

At the age of 6, the local floral shop set out a change jar and bought Jim’s first wheelchair. This action empowered his journey toward serving others and reaching for big dreams. Jim finished college and traveled 20 years as a professional vocalist & speaker. In his leisure time, Jim is an avid sports fan.

You all are so nice, thoughtful, and cool! i love what you do for those of us with disabilities. Your love really shines through. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Seth HeatheringtonBreakaway Camper

You have made my life better by acting as a much needed pressure valve. I'm spiritually and mentally refreshed!

Sheryl KingBreakaway participant

Elevate is such a great program. My brother loves the routine of the day - social hour, bible stories, exercise, crafting and the list goes on. It allows him the social setting to build friendships in a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere. He is looking forward to the start of fall term. Thank you for the tremendous effort spent to provide such a 'space' for individuals with life challenges

CarolSister of Participant
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