Andrew Vacca

Andrew Vacca

Administrative Assistant


Andrew happily rejoined the Lift staff in 2020 after spending a few years in Boston where he was able to be a director of a national Spina Bifida chapter. He was previously on staff with Lift from 2012-2016 serving in many rolls and these days you’ll find him managing the Medical Equipment Bank, assisting with communications, maintaining our media presence, and providing overall administrative support to the Central Florida office.

Andrew and his wife Sarah have two furry kids, Arthur and Jameson and enjoy traveling having visited over a dozen countries together. In his spare time, he likes to cook and compete in adaptive sports and currently is on the Orlando Magic Wheels wheelchair basketball team.

Lift gives you the chance to spend time with amazing people who are learning to push their limits and break free!

Esther Crew Member

Breakaway is an amazing opportunity to have fun, to grow, to find community and to meet God.


My son's life is immeasurably better than if we had not come in contact with Lift Disability Network. They have allowed us to say "Yes, we CAN do this!"

Debi ReyesA Mom
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