We had such a great time at Missouri Breakaway Camp!  We served 46 participants.  This represented six separate families as well as 17 individual participants.  Each day we had between 32 and 69 volunteers making sure everything ran smoothly.  We couldn’t do anything without our volunteers!  The extreme heat kept our nurse and volunteers very busy, bible lessons were experienced through amazing teachers, delicious food was prepared every day and everyone had a wonderful time!


In 2016, we were able to give away 14 scholarships for Breakaway camp.  Eleven families received full or partial scholarships and three crew members received scholarships.  We are so thankful to our generous donors who allow us to do this!

Lift gives you the chance to spend time with amazing people who are learning to push their limits and break free!

Esther Crew Member

Breakaway is an amazing opportunity to have fun, to grow, to find community and to meet God.


My son's life is immeasurably better than if we had not come in contact with Lift Disability Network. They have allowed us to say "Yes, we CAN do this!"

Debi ReyesA Mom
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