Did you know YOU enabled someone to envision a better future this year?

With the help of a generous donor just like you, this past summer for the first time Sarah and her two children, Mackenzie and Austin, attended the FL Breakaway Family Retreat.

Sarah shares, “Within minutes of getting out of the car a feeling of normalcy came over my family. It was as though we had been attending for years. Our time was a true gift not just for Austin but also for myself and, more importantly, for my daughter. Kenzie was able to be Mackenzie, not Austin’s sister. She was not living for the needs of his disease like we do daily.

As their mom, the gift this week brought me was something I thought was unattainable: I was able to see my disabled son do things physically and independently that he can’t do in his everyday life. I was able to see Kenzie shine in her own light. We still have our ‘Banks flag’ in our living room as a reminder that the sky is the limit and through Breakaway we were shown that anything is possible.”

WOW! This is just one story of how you are changing the lives of individuals and families living with disabilities. Thank you!

Lift gives you the chance to spend time with amazing people who are learning to push their limits and break free!

Esther Crew Member

Breakaway is an amazing opportunity to have fun, to grow, to find community and to meet God.


My son's life is immeasurably better than if we had not come in contact with Lift Disability Network. They have allowed us to say "Yes, we CAN do this!"

Debi ReyesA Mom
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