Heather Pennington

Heather Pennington

Missouri Program Associate

E-mail: heather@liftdisability.net

Heather Pennington joined the LIFT Disability Network in 2015. Prior to joining LIFT, they were involved in programming adapted sport and recreation for people with physical disabilities for over 10 years.

Heather’s husband, Josh, has a personal experience recovering from a C6-7 Spinal Cord Injury and knows the gap that exists between rehab and full life recovery. He is very aware and passionate about sharing the necessary components of faith and trust in Christ that it takes to recover from a life changing event.

Heather and Josh met while Heather was working at a facility that offered sport, recreation, fitness and health for people with disabilities. She has experience coaching wheelchair basketball and providing strength and conditioning programs for a variety of chronic diseases and disabilities.

Heather is committed to building relationships and serving families affected by disabilities in Missouri and love to be witnesses to what God is doing in the lives of others!

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Never would have had this [experience] without the generosity of Lift.

[I] appreciate people pushing me to do things I may not have tried.

[Breakaway] was like medicine for me. It helped me to unwind and be myself and get to know others.