Our Mission:

Inspiring individuals and families living with disabilities to discover a new vision for their future.

Imagine a place where disability is not what defines you or your family. Lift Disability Network is that place!
Each person and family impacted by disability has a unique story. No matter what the disability – developmental, intellectual, mobility or a result of chronic illness or pain – Lift Disability Network comes alongside to love and to inspire you to discover a new vision for your future. We help families and individuals move past the loneliness, poverty, helplessness and hopelessness disability can create.
Throughout the year, Lift provides camps, community events and family services that elevate life for families and individuals impacted by disability. Lift Disability Network is a place where the disability community comes together to discover opportunity, faith, fun and a real sense of community for your entire family unit.
Lift Disability Network is a nonprofit 501C3, faith-based organization. Services are available to families without regard to creed/beliefs.

Never would have had this [experience] without the generosity of Lift.

[I] appreciate people pushing me to do things I may not have tried.

[Breakaway] was like medicine for me. It helped me to unwind and be myself and get to know others.