This past summer at Breakaway Camp in Missouri I was there as a director and as often occurs I was mentally and selfishly in Director mode. I was there to teach and give forth my knowledge and wisdom from my years of experience to those coming, but what happened and what usually always happens is my “wisdom” was not thrust on others, others wisdom and hope was thrust onto me.  We always talk about how Lift Disability Network is not just a ministry for our families and individuals that participate, but it’s a ministry for our crew, us, and all involved.  I was there to talk and hopefully show that in-spite of disability through Christ there can be hope and joy.  I had forgotten that and I was reminded over and over again by those who came to participate.
One gentleman, Andy, lived this out openly and freely in such a way that others around him couldn’t deny that there is joy and hope within disability.  He was continually smiling, goofing off, playing pranks, having fun, praying with me if he felt I needed prayer, and continually giving me the thumbs up telling me everything is going great.  He lived out the Gospel with a joy and freedom that only Christ can bring.  I had forgotten the real reason we were there… to just enjoy and have relationship… to enjoy Christ.
The “director” was reminded why we do what we do by this unassuming young man that in most circles would be looked over but whom Christ used to minister to those that were there to minister to him.  Thank you Andy for allowing Christ to use you to minister to those around you.  Thank you Christ for allowing The Gospel to be directly in the middle of disability.  Thank you Christ for hope coming from the most unassuming places and people that your love can’t be denied.

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Lift gives you the chance to spend time with amazing people who are learning to push their limits and break free!

Esther Crew Member

Breakaway is an amazing opportunity to have fun, to grow, to find community and to meet God.


My son's life is immeasurably better than if we had not come in contact with Lift Disability Network. They have allowed us to say "Yes, we CAN do this!"

Debi ReyesA Mom